We may be speeding along the digital highway towards a future of paperless marketing and communication, but print still has an important place in the world of advertising. The crucial thing is to find a balance between the two.

Given the e-commerce landscape, many companies are too focussed on their online campaigns and digital adverts. Digital marketing works and can get your business out there at lightning speed – as long as you have the correct strategic marketing in place. But it’s not the only marketing tool. Many people forget that print marketing is not dead yet; and is still a fundamental building block for many advertising campaigns.

So, now that we see the importance of printing and digital marketing, how can you create synergy to ensure they complement each other to effectively promote your company?

Get adventurous with interactive print & digital

Remember that you are catering to a target market, and your clients – through their interaction with print and digital – will inadvertently help promote your business. Just as you construct a digital campaign, the same energy needs to go into print. Get adventurous with a printing strategy and make it interactive with your digital media. With the right marketing behind your company, you can create excellent print campaigns that lead customers to your online presence, such as QR codes which you can personalise according to your brand colours and logo. With the right printing, marketing and digital teams, you’re ready to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Variable Information Printing (VIP)

Printing has moved forward in leaps and bounds, making it one of the most affordable marketing options. Companies are moving to buying printers for in-house use, which drastically reduces printing costs, so they can do variable printing at their own premises. VIP is a form of on-demand printing done via digital format and planning. It allows you to change graphics and text from one image to the next without interrupting the printing process. It’s great because you can program the printer with the right software to draw information from your company database. This allows you to personalise print advertising for your individual clients, and it is an excellent tool for direct marketing, print campaigns and self-mailers.

Versatile marketing

Choosing to focus solely on digital marketing is to cut out a vital element of advertising. As mentioned before, print is a fundamental building block of marketing and it’s the perfect medium to pair with digital. Why? Well the massive cross-benefits are instrumental, with one benefit being that clients still want to physically connect with your brand. Digital is great, but print gives you presence outside the online realm of marketing.

By strategically combining print and digital, you will go a long way boosting the reach of your brand. It has become obvious that the two methods work well in synergy to maximise the effects of advertising.

Take your printing in-house with the right printing solutions that you can combine with your digital strategy. Contact CBA today; the printing specialists who will advise you on the best printer to complement your digital marketing needs.