Report Suspicious or Unethical Conduct

In our continuous commitment to achieve good governance and our ongoing efforts to combat fraud and unethical behaviour, CBA Group has subscribed to an independent forensic service provider for reports of any concerns.

This facility ensures that all information is gathered independently and provides a secure platform for anonymous reporting of potential fraud or unethical conduct. Reports of fraud or unethical behaviour are handled confidentially, and the identity of those who “Speak Up” is fully protected.

This enables employees, customers, vendors and members of the public to report illicit or unethical activities with retaliatory action in an effortless manner. Individuals can submit their reports via email or WhatsApp.

The directors of CBA Group directly deal with reports, and the anonymity of all these individuals are protected.

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Recycling Destruction Certificate

At CBA Group, we understand the importance of ethically recycling waste associated with our equipment. As a result, we are proud to display our certificate of secure destruction as a testament to this.

Speak Up

Should you wish to report unethical conduct, feel free to use one of the following avenues:


WhatsApp: 067 314 5319