Embrace the digital age of communication

Cape Town might be the Silicon Valley of Africa but unfortunately our internet connectivity is often more Third World than First. It doesn’t have to be this way. The problem is that when you rely on fixed lines, you are slave to its mishaps – whether it’s stolen telephone cables or copper wire, or some errant driver taking out a Telkom box on his way home at 3am. This means that you have to resort to your cell phone coverage for internet access and office calls, and this can get very expensive very fast.

We at CBA believe that Cape Town is indeed the Silicon Valley of Africa and we have the products to help move not just your business, but the local economy in the right direction without relying on traditional communication methods.

What we offer is new connectivity solutions that includes basic routers, LTE, wireless and fibre optic lines, giving you peace of mind that you can communicate all the time.

Our solutions

Our 3CX system is designed to increase office productivity and save you money. The system works with your office’s existing hardware like your PCs and on your current network. It is easy to manage and maintain, and integrates well with other business applications.

The system uses VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) software, and can work over existing phone lines. It also allows you to easily record and track calls.

This is an ideal solution for smaller businesses. It makes your team more productive and easier to reach and manage. It also allows you to easily control the system, and it’s simple and cost effective to maintain.

There are multiple features at your fingertips, including the ability to track call activity and to be accessible on the road using a mobile extension. It also contains an auto-attendant feature to route callers to the correct department, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The conference feature is fantastic for virtual meetings if you have staff all over the country, or world. This allows for quick decision-making and effective functioning.

  • Samsung PABX System

Communication is the driving force behind every organization, and your own communication infrastructure is your primary asset, providing effective links to your mobile workforce and to the outside world.

Convergence within your infrastructure, supporting VoIP, IP based data, wireless solutions, and traditional voice communication can have a huge impact on your network effectiveness and efficiency. Samsung’s experience and award winning innovations in wire line, wireless, digital and IP technology, and core networks, have produced the next generation, fully converged communications solution, OfficeServ 7000.


Advantages of the Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series:


  • Modular design to accommodate 4 to 480 extensions.
  • Remote working capability with the 7000 series allowing for easy deployment of VoIP
    home-working, providing better flexibility whilst maintaining control of costs.
  • Cost reduction on all your outbound calls – saving as much as 30%.


Benefits of our connectivity solutions

Cheaper calls

Our solutions will bring down your communication costs, without compromising on quality. We can also port your existing numbers to the new solution, saving you the hassle of changing numbers. Even if you move to a new area outside of the old exchange, you can still keep your same numbers.

Free internal calls

We also have SOHO phones with closed user groups. This is ideal for communication between different divisions in a company as all internal calls are free. A good example of this is our service controller and technicians who have SOHO phones and use them in a closed user group. When they call each other or the office, all these calls are free, saving huge amounts in traditional cell phone bills.

Easy to implement

Many businesses are slow to embrace technology, especially for communications, because they’ve used and relied on the traditional route for so long. The beauty of this system is that it’s easy to implement, it does not require too much training, and most companies adapt to it like the traditional duck to water. Once you realise the simplicity of the system, its ease-of-use, the additional features, and the enormous cost saving, the only question you’ll ask yourselves is, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Contact CBA and allow us to come over and explain the system or pop around for a demonstration at our premises in Cape Town.