Learn why so many companies worldwide have chosen to go digital.

It seems that every month or week, there is some new technological development that will be “the next big thing”. The concept of the paperless office is no longer a novelty, but is certainly a big deal. If you want your business to remain competitive, you cannot afford to overlook paperless document management systems. As a proven leader in office automation solutions, let us tell you why.

What is a ‘paperless office’?
A paperless office is a place of work that has reduced the amount of paper used in day-to-day business operations, or eliminated the use of paper altogether. This is done by opting for digital documents as opposed to hard copies.

What is a paperless management system?
Paperless management systems can be referred to as document management systems (DMS). It uses software to organise, store, track and manage electronic documents.

Why your business needs a paperless management system?
• Better storage

Gone are the days of filing cabinets and sifting through piles of paper in search of a solitary document. A digital platform will reduce the clutter around the office and make documents easy to find. All the data you use can be safely stored in the cloud or
on local digital storage devices.
• Reduced costs

Keeping paper documents is a labour intensive practice, requiring the organisation, collection and retrieval of documents, which is simply a waste of resources. A paperless environment means far less printing and photocopying, as most documents are now digital.
• Greater security

The loss or misplacing of documents can be prevented. Traditional methods of document storage are supported by traditional methods of security i.e. locked in a room and the keys kept by an individual who can lose the keys or abuse the responsibility. Paperless management systems allow ease of access to authorised individuals and reduces the likelihood of a document being misplaced or lost.
• Improved collaboration

We’ve already covered how much easier it will be to find any document – they are just a click away. However, there is more to the improvement in efficiency than archiving and retrieval; you can also share documents simultaneously, collaborate and ensure you are always working with the most up-to-date document.
• An increase in profitability

The transition to a paperless management system will require time, effort and resources, but it will be worth it once you witness the saving due to greater efficiency. As processes are streamlined, your profit margin will grow accordingly.
There are a range of different software packages available today – just like Mfiles – . To avoid unnecessary stress and complications, make sure to get the services of a professional with a proven track record.

Considering going the paperless route? Talk to us for superior tech advice, knowledge, products and service excellence. Our business is built on understanding yours.