Less space, more functions, all the efficiency

The rate at which ideas are becoming technological reality is somewhat frightening but very exciting at the same time. The first high-speed printer was invented way back in 1953, and given mankind’s appetite for advancing technology, it should come as no surprise that today 3D printing and multifunction printers are a reality.

So what is a multifunction printer (MFP)?

As the name implies, a multifunction printer – commonly known as an MFP – is a printer that performs a multitude of tasks and functions with relative ease. These functions include copying, scanning, printing and faxing.
It seems logical enough, buy one item that performs the function of three. However, there is more than meets the eye when considering the benefits of a multifunction printer. CBA deals with a host of different printers – and have done so for more than two decades – so we thought we would take the liberty of sharing some of the amazing benefits this miracle of modern technology offers.

Two heads are better than one

While we have outlined the basic functions of a multifunction printer, there are models that carry even more features. This increased functionality allows you to carry out all aspects of a task without having to move from machine to machine – or even worse – all over the office.

More elbow room

You don’t have to be claustrophobic to appreciate the beauty of more space. A multifunction printer can replace multiple machines, saving you space around the office.

A penny saved

Now, there is no denying that a multifunctional printer can cost more than your traditional one-function printer, however, it still costs less than purchasing multiple. Furthermore, you don’t have to lose hair worrying about the maintenance of multiple machines when you have one machine that performs all the different functions.

Power Savings

Multifunction printers typically require one cord to power the entire device. Not only does this reduce cable congestion, it lowers the electricity required to run the device, saving you money in the process.

Environmentally friendly

The MFP uses just one set of supplies to carry out its functions, which means that you don’t have to stock up on toner and ink cartridges for different machines. The reduction in waste through disposal will be better for the planet and Mother Earth will thank you for it.
We couldn’t list EVERY benefit but we are here and more than happy to take you through each and every one of our printers. The difference between average and exceptional printing solutions is our passion and knowledge– seems only right, we share it with you.

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