CBA are proud to be associated with Konica Minolta South Africa in supporting the World Wide Fund (WWF) for the African Rhino Programme by contributing a percentage of bizhub sales towards the fund.

Funds donated by Konica Minolta South Africa are used to assist in the running and further development of the Africa-wide rhino horn DNA database (RhODIS) by the University of Pretoria’s Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

KMSA are delighted that the WWF-Konica Minolta South Africa relationship has played a role in broadening the RhODIS reach within South Africa.

Konica Minolta South Africa is passionate about the preservation of the majestic rhino and, based on the successes seen over 2011 and 2012, has pledged to continue to support WWF’s programme into 2013. CBA look forward to seeing many more conservation victories as well as the protection and growth of the African rhino population.