Using networked MFPs to make your documents more secure

While many businesses are concerned about the security and safety of their digital data, it turns out they probably should be keeping an eye on the paper ball rather than the digital one.

A recent study conducted by Infotrends, a digital imaging market data specialist, revealed that more than 35% of all documents relating to the health and medical insurance policy applications are printed on paper. As much as the digital cowboys encourage a “paperless office,” there’s a slim chance of it actually happening anytime soon. The research does emphasise the importance of business process management when it comes to handling paper-based information, and raises various issues relating to compliance and security.

Companies still too reliant on paper

The problem is, most businesses still rely on paper, and that is not going to change any time soon. While mobile initiatives for capturing e-signatures may lead to the partial elimination of paper, this will be costly and difficult to implement. In the meantime companies are encouraged to improve their business office automation processes. This would ensure that paper based information is captured early on in the process, converting them into digital format, thereby allowing the company to destroy these documents, and taking them out of paper circulation sooner than normal. This helps businesses to control their information.

Moral and legal obligation

Companies have a moral and legal obligation to look after information, particularly information relating to their employees and/or clients. By eliminating these paper documents early on, it has been proven that companies can improve their compliance and security by close to 50%. In order to achieve this, companies need to have good digital automation solutions in place, meaning that information is more secure and easy to access.

By integrating your paper documents into the office automation process and combining it with an effective, proven document management solution, companies will go a long way to making life easier for themselves, and their information and data will be safer and more secure.

Combining print and digital with modern technology

The beauty of modern technology is that it can combine both print and digital functionality into a seamless process that benefits the company, making your company more efficient, and your data more secure and easier to manage. Multifunctional printers (MFPs) can capture your documents into a digital format and store them securely on local or cloud-based networks, allowing you to disseminate them at will when necessary. These MFPs allow you to capture and manage data, and then destroy the paper. This data can then be securely stored and analysed or used at your leisure.

With this in mind it’s critical that companies make smart decisions when buying their MFPs. Printing and scanning are no longer your prime functions with this equipment. Instead, you need to manage your documents and keep your data safe, while being easily accessible at the same time. If you are looking for the right equipment and the right office automation solutions, you want to deal with a knowledgeable and experienced company. Contact your local specialists and automate your office today, you won’t believe the difference it can make to your business.