The Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program continues to divert millions of Lexmark toner cartridges from landfills annually by enabling their customers to return used print cartridges to Lexmark free of charge for reuse or recycling. Customers can return individual toner cartridges simply by placing the used cartridge in the Lexmark cartridge box.

In South Africa, the Cartridge Recycling Initiative for Babies (CRIB) seeks to protect the environment and children. By returning empty Lexmark laser cartridges to Lexmark for recycling, customers can contribute directly to Cotlands, an organisation that cares for abandoned and abused babies or those who have HIV-AIDS. Contributions to the fund are made on a per unit basis on laser cartridges. Since 2002, CRIB had donated more than 60,000 “Baby Days” to Cotlands. One Baby Day equals the cost of housing, feeding, clothing and care for one child at Cotlands for the period of one day.

CBA encourages our customers to take part in this initiative that reduces their carbon footprint.