CBA has embarked on a fresh Corporate Responsibility project to add to the CBA Pilot Recycling Project currently underway with CBA Customers – where we are tackling toner cartridge recycling. CBA’s new initiative, launched in August 2016 in partnership with Cape e-Waste Recyclers (Pty) Ltd, addresses the responsible recycling of redundant electronic equipment. The main goal here is to follow health and safety as well as environmentally responsible practices with regards to hardware waste. You can view our certificates on our website by reading more here:e-Waste summarize their actions post collection as per below:

  • We manually dismantle the ewaste that we collect. But first the ewaste must have a cooling down period of 7 days due to the new second-hand acts.
  • The plastic we send overseas and the PC Boards we send to JHB.
  • Hard drives we throw into a machine that crushes it so there is no way that people can re-use it again.
  • The steel we send to local scrap dealers in Cape Town and they send it overseas.
  • Most of the equipment like plastic, steel and PC Boards will eventually be sent overseas because in South Africa there is no market for it.
  • The glass on the CRT and LCD monitors is a bit of the problem and we are working with some bigger recycling companies in Cape Town to get the right people to get rid of the glass in a green and friendly way.
  • We only send 2% of our equipment to landfill, that will be non-recycle equipment.

CBA is extremely proud of our efforts to improve our standing as a global citizen and will keep working as hard as we possibly can to ensure we meet our responsibility commitments and requirements. After all, we want our children to grow up in a world that is sustainable and safe – and we have a role to play in ensuring our communities are protected as far as possible. Please contact us should you want any further information or have any enquiries here.