Dear Customer,

On the 30th of August 2015, Carte Blanche aired a story that highlighted a concern that confidential and private data could be stolen from the hard drive of a Multi-Function Printer, MFP.

Most MFP’s do not have a hard drive. Removing a hard drive from an MFP is a very complex task and could only be undertaken by a trained technical individual. The Carte Blanche insert relates to dedicated hard drives, so if there is no hard drive in your MFP there is nothing to worry about.

CBA would like to place on record that our MFP’s that do have a hard drive do not store images of print, scan, fax and copy jobs on the hard drive. Print, Scan, Copy and Fax jobs are processed in the MFP’s RAM (Random Access Memory). When the MFP is turned off, all jobs processed in RAM are deleted and cannot be brought back. In any event, nobody is able to independently access the RAM.

The following are stored on the hard drive: Jobs that are either printed or scanned to the mailboxes, and when ID & Print and Print Secure are utilised. It is important to know that documents cannot be store unknowingly or by accident.

Documents that are stored on the MFP’s hard drive can be protected. The following standard functions can be enabled, as a bare minimum to ensure data stored on the MFP is secure:

  1. Set up the Auto Delete function: Call our IT Help Desk for assistance to activate this function. There is only a charge (Call Out fee) if we have to send an IT Engineer to your site. Please note that the Auto Delete function will also delete any templates saved on the MFP’s hard drive.
  2. Install Hard Drive Encryption that is password protected (The stored data is encrypted using the advanced encryption standard (AES) supporting 128-bit key size): Log a call for an IT Engineer to enable this function. A call out fee of R650 per hour excluding VAT will apply.

On collection of machines, the hard drive will be formatted on site and a copy of the report stating its completion can be provided.

Over and above the standard security functions mentioned above, we also offer a professional security service that will provide lock down protection for MFP’s.

Please enquire via our offices at 021 707 5100.

CBA will make every effort to make your business safe. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Kind regards,
Simon Pott (Managing Director)