Understanding the value-added options on the MFP

Print service providers are seeking to remain competitive and profitable while delivering added value to their customers. This means delivering innovative applications and introducing new service offers. To be successful and effectively assess opportunities for business growth, print service providers must understand all of the latest packaging applications, and finishing innovations to help provide a personal service to their customers.

Finishing services

Documents need to be presented professionally in terms of copy, design and printing. Binding and finishing turns your copy and design work into a formally bound document that can be professionally presented. There are many different types of binding methods to choose from and each method has its own range of benefits.

How will a finishing service benefit print service providers?

Adding extra value

If a small travel agency is looking to print 10 brochures at the last minute, you can help them save time by adding an extra service like stapling or folding. As requests for smaller production runs come in, you will be able to give clients that little bit of extra service with their printing needs when you include a finishing run. Suddenly, customers are less focused on price, and more focused on how they can best utilise the technology to their advantage.


Now you can add a touch of personalisation to any project. You’ll become the go-to resource for innovative ideas on making relevant communications stand out like never before.

Make use of your printer’s functions:

  • Staple papers

If you’re preparing a project proposal or booklet material, then you can select a staple layout on the MFP. Each set of papers can be stapled (at a corner) adding the perfect finishing touch to what could be an unruly mass of documents Or create ready to distribute booklets.

  • Punching

This function is useful when you want to bind printed materials in files. Printed sheets are punched for filing. Under your settings, all you need to select is the ‘punch’ function and specify the position of punch holes. It saves time, and is automatically done; this means you are saved from manually punching holes that don’t line up in folders.

  • Folding papers

The printed sheets are creased before they are output. When you want to fold page by page, specify the number of pages to be folded at one time.

Options available are:

  • Half-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Z-fold
  • Booklet format

The pages in the original data are arranged and spread out in booklet format and printed on both sides of sheets. When the printed sheets are stacked and folded in two, the pages are arranged in the correct order.

Use MFP’s to print higher quality documents. Be more proactive and add more value with all the added printer driver and copy functions. It will be a great benefit for your business.

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