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As a trusted Gold NEC partner, we can provide our clients with the best solutions from this brand’s offering. With active innovation, NEC produces functional, easy to use, and cost-effective solutions in all spaces.

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Epygi solutions offer outstanding benefits with its range of phone system solutions at competitive prices. Their leading telecommunication systems allow for improved workplace productivity with lower operational costs.

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CBA VBX Hosted

Our Virtual PBX (VBX) communication solutions offer businesses advanced features that are all efficiently cloud-based. This eliminates the need for expensive and complicated equipment whilst allowing for easy upgrading.

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What is PABX?

A PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) serves as a telephone system for a business. The business owns this system, rather than a telephone company, and efficiently carries out essential telecommunication needs. This solution enables many lines through a single access number and is often cheaper than public network options, allowing for more physical devices with fewer active lines.

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What Is The Difference Between PBX and PABX?

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) are two very similar systems that support telecommunications in business environments in a very similar manner. PABX can be considered the slightly upgraded version of PBX as it is a superb VoIP alternative. The primary difference between these telecommunication solutions is that PABX systems allow for an automated solution that was not previously available with standard PBX systems. However, these systems are automated today as digital advancements have eliminated the need for a manual process.

PABX allows for multiple access lines by utilising only a few connections within a public network, making it ideal for high volumes of incoming and outgoing calls. These systems also provide the switching needed to connect calls between various extensions, while old PBX solutions require manual work.

The Benefits of Choosing CBA PABX Solutions

Our systems allow for add-on features to better assist telecommunication needs in a business environment. These additional features include allowing for call transfers, speed dialling, conference calling and more.

We can also customise our solutions to better suit your specific business needs. By including factors such as the location of their customers and employees, our customers can utilise a system that will provide them with long-distance call capabilities. These are also designed to seamlessly forward calls to various departments, office locations or remote employees.

Scalability also ensures that your telecommunication needs can be adjusted as your business grows. Upgrades can be done easily and with almost no business interruptions.

CBA PABX systems allow for hassle-free communication on an internal and external basis in your business and are relatively easy to maintain compared to traditional solutions. VoIP connections also allow for hardware, and its maintenance, to be eliminated.

The Importance of These Innovative System

With our systems, businesses can implement shared phone lines that eliminate the need to install separate lines. This facilitates seamless call transferring and helps save costs associated with telecommunication needs. In addition, this system simplifies in-house communication needs.

They no longer require separate hardware for proper functioning and can complement cloud-based solutions through modern-day innovation. With this, businesses only need an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to utilise this phone system.

If you are interested in a PABX system for your business, feel free to contact the office automation specialists at CBA Group. Our team can provide all necessary information to ensure that you receive the phone system best suited for your needs.