In South Africa, the evidence shows that malnutrition rates are rising in both rural and urban areas.  In the light of the current global economic crisis and local challenges, such as rapidly increasing food and electricity prices, as well as persistent joblessness and skills shortages, it is likely that growing numbers of households will experience food insecurity. Households will reduce their food intake, reduce the range of foods they eat and substitute ‘good’ foods with cheaper, nutritionally inferior foods. These food choices may have long-term health and human development outcomes.

Many undernourished individuals place significant limitations on economic and social development of the country. Making food systems work for the poor can therefore have significant positive impacts on the economy, employment, environmental sustainability and health costs.  Especially HIV/AIDS positive individuals.

MY BOOK has a meaningful role to play in this complex social mix and can have a dramatic positive impact on the fight against HIV/AIDS.  CSI COORDINATION is appealing to the corporate sector, local and overseas development agencies, local and national government, municipalities trust funds and individuals, to financial support the project by sponsoring copies of the booklet to the designated recipients. Sponsors will receive recognition for their financial contribution on the inside front cover of their sponsored copies.

CSI COORDINATION, in conjunction with NICUS (Nutrition Information Centre University of Stellenbosch), has developed a comprehensive soft-cover booklet containing the following information in 4 languages:

  • Scientifically researched nutritional daily menus
  • Food Groups & healthy eating tips
  • How to qualify and apply for a SASSA Government Grant
  • HIV/AIDS Educational and preventative information – NACOSA
  • Gender-based violence information awareness help contacts – NACOSA
  • Substance abuse awareness and help contact details – SANCCA
  • Depression and Anxiety awareness and help contact details – SADAG
  • Family Counselling – FAMSA
  • TB awareness – SANTA
  • Immunisation and vaccination guide-lines – Department of Health

The booklets will be distributed free of charge via the following distribution mechanisms:

  • SASSA government grant recipients
  • FOODBANK – distribution from their agencies and linked NGOs
  • Relevant NGOs – to be supplied on request by their coordinators
  • MXIT – 6 million users
  • Other – trade unions, clinics, CSI projects, farms, community outreach projects

CBA are elated to have been part of this project by donating 100 printed copies for the South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA) conference held in October 2014. The books were distributed to the conference delegates who will place orders for their regions.

We wish CSI COORDINATION success in this exceptional project that will add much value within the communities of South Africa.