Multifunction Printers from CBA

Multifunction printers utilise the latest technology and expertise to provide a functional office automation system to make daily processes quicker and more efficient. These printers consolidate all necessary office functions into one machine to reduce costs and improve work efficiency.

We can assist with whatever you require for your space with several sizes, ranging from desktop models to workgroup-sized machines. The office automation specialists at CBA Group will assist you in choosing a device that will best suit your environment and unique office needs.

Multifunction Printers Explained

Multifunction printers are designed to support the copying and printing needs of the modern office environment. Through consistently innovating technologies, these printers are now used for extended functions of document scanning, emailing and faxing. Some can also browse the internet and print directly from the display – as a computer can. These machines often also include useful finishing options such as stapling, punching and booklet making.

What Are The Benefits of Using These Printers?

Energy efficient

Most of these devices can enter energy-saving modes when they are not in use. The improved efficiency of these machines allows for multiple office printers to be replaced by one multifunctional printer, to reduce space and energy usage.

Improves productivity

These printers streamline business tasks with their ability to do multiple actions needed for successful documentation processing. The speed of these machines also allows for improved service, even with only one device.


With the energy efficiency of these machines and the reduction in needed equipment, these printers are a fantastic investment that provides guaranteed cost-effectiveness for your business. These printers also require less overall maintenance.


With multifunction printers, staff only need to learn one system for their office needs. This makes this printer a user-friendly purchase as once learnt, employees can quickly complete all their necessary printer related tasks. This facilitates efficiency and ensures that the time used for training is minimal.


The functions available with these innovative printers allow for expansion as businesses grow in size. As services and staff increase, these printers can maintain the most complicated networks for optimal efficiency and functionalities, all in one place.

What to Consider When Purchasing These Printers

When purchasing a multifunction printer for your business, it is crucial to consider certain factors to ensure that the machine you choose fulfils your office needs. Since multifunction printers can make office tasks more efficient, it is essential to single out which jobs you would like your printer to do. For example, beyond basic printing and copying, would you like your printer to help manage documents, scan documents to send to the cloud or be able to work remotely? The daily volume you would like the printer to produce should also be considered, as well as how many users you would like it to assist.

Solutions from CBA

At CBA Group, we pride ourselves in partnering with the best brands in printing to bring our clients quality. Our team strives to provide accurate advice to our clients for which multifunction printer will best suit their budget, environment and unique business goals. With this, we provide you with effective equipment that will help your business run smoothly and grow towards its mission.

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