Digital document management

Picture this… A storage room filled with thousands of documents, and Bob from accounts needs just one. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. The document might be indexed and catalogued, but Bob still has to browse an entire rainforest of documents to find it. Even then, when he emerges, hours later, clutching his prize, he’s still not convinced it’s the correct version. And, even if it is, his sense of achievement is diminished by the fact that he just spent hours looking for something and has probably fallen behind in his other work. He then asks himself, ‘Surely there is a better way to do this?’ Of course there is.

This is the 21 century and we’ve come a long way. So, while a completely paperless office is not quite a reality, many offices have switched to a digital document management system and old Bob in accounts can now find what he needs in minutes instead of hours. Document digitalisation and office automation are making printers less critical to the efficient functioning of your business, but they do still play an important

The advantages of a document management system:

Less printing, less paper

Probably more than 80% of the documents you print do not need to be printed and certainly not reprinted. Most of it does not get read and after a while it just becomes a fire hazard taking up storage space. With most of the world’s office workforce working on digital, you can cut down on excessive printing, save paper and energy, and extend your current printers’ longevity, not to mention avoiding all that wasted time spent searching for documents.

Quicker access and better control

The very thought of entering an archive room filled with thousands of documents – some dating back decades – is enough to give anyone heart palpitations. Now all you need is to search from your computer, find the document in the online archive, and read and share with ease. It also allows for better management of your documents and far better version control. It’s quick and easy, and will radically increase productivity and efficiency.

Digital document solutions make your documents easier to control and find, and will ensure you are working with the latest version. Stop your employees wasting time on processes that can be easily automated; an effective document management system will allow them to concentrate on their core tasks.

User-friendly templates

Make your office more efficient by creating a range of templates that suit a variety of tasks. Anything from invoices to customer marketing and internal memos can be automated to make the entire process simple and efficient. Employees can then utilise these easy-to-use templates by simply filling in the required information instead of having to edit the document itself. Automation can radically increase the speed and accuracy of processes, while reducing the risk of human error at the same time.

Less emails

Sharing information via email is clumsy and time consuming. It also has certain security implications, which means it’s not particularly safe, or efficient. Electronic document management means importation, access and sharing can be done quickly and easily without having to share any vital information via email.

Increased security & backup

Paper burns, which means information is not safe if there’s a fire. Digital documentation can be secured and easily backed up to an off-site server. You can also enjoy unfettered digital access to your online document database from anywhere in the world, meaning you never have to wait long for important documents that you have left behind on your overseas business trip.

Audit trails and other security controls can help you manage access to sensitive information, trace employee usage, and track movement and usage of any documents.

Less maintenance & storage costs

Traditional methods of document storage are labour intensive and require storage areas. Digital storage and maintenance is easy and cost effective.

Many businesses are stuck in the past and are loathe to embrace technology to improve their business. Smart business owners know and understand the advantages and are embracing digital document management; they are seeing an impressive improvement in their company’s productivity levels and ultimately an improvement in their bottom line.

For digital document solutions that will change the way you do business for ever, contact your local office automation specialists.