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It’s happening at breakneck speed, digital life is taking over the world, and it’s mostly for the better. Every day, things that we know and trust are being replaced with newer, faster and smarter high-tech solutions. However, there is no point in replacing something tried and trusted if it does not significantly improve on the previous version. Digital phone systems on the other hand are revolutionising the way office communications are handled and saving companies large amounts in the process.

More and more companies are switching to digital phone systems for a number of reasons; number one of which is the favourable pricing. Here’s how your company can save money with a digital phone system.

No need to install new phone lines

VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) uses IP technology to broadcast telephone calls over an existing network. This means you do not use your existing landlines and do not need to add additional lines in order to expand or upgrade your telephone system. As long as you have adequate internet connectivity, you can use the internet for all your telephone calls and teleconferencing, including video. This can save you a small fortune on installation and line rental costs, as well as offering you the flexibility to easily expand your telephone system should your company grow.

Your IT department handles your digital phone system

By installing a digital phone system you take back control from your landline service provider. Because the digital infrastructure sits within your company, you can use your existing network and hardware without having to rely on external assistance. There is no need to call in specialists to solve issues, leading to reduced downtime and increased productivity. This will save you costs on servicing and maintenance, as well as drastically reduce any hardware or external system failures. Should you require any software support, it can be affected remotely, quickly and efficiently.

Additional services – less cost

VoIP systems include all the necessary and usual features, like caller ID, voicemail, teleconferencing, including video, as well as call forwarding. You also enjoy a reduction in call costs, as all calls go out over the internet.

Competitive rates

VoIP call rates are cheaper than regular landline rates and because its software based, it’s also easier and cheaper to monitor on the fly, allowing you to place restrictions quickly if necessary.

Increases productivity

While it can be difficult to accurately quantify productivity, especially the effects a digital phone system might have, research has shown that improving your external and internal communications infrastructure can lead to an increase in productivity.


One big advantage of digital is the ability to add or remove additional lines quickly, with minimal cost. You can also add in features as they become available or remove ones you deem unnecessary. All this is possible from your own control base in your office. In addition you can adapt the system to run from anywhere in the world, allowing employees to travel and work on the same system from anywhere with an internet connection.

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