Our Solar Energy Installations

To better facilitate our office automation solutions, our team has partnered to offer our clients solar energy solutions. This helps ensure that your office stays powered throughout any circumstances to maintain positive productivity for your workforce.

What is Solar Energy?

The sun’s energy is in the form of solar radiation, which is what makes the production of solar energy solutions possible! By capturing the energy of the sun, and converting it into electricity, we are able to light up your business and power vital machines with a renewable solution.  

Solar Power for Office

Besides creating a ‘greener’ office environment with renewable energy, solar power offers businesses various desirable benefits.

With the steady rising cost of utilities, including electricity, embracing solar energy will be majorly beneficial for your energy costs. In addition, the prevalence of loadshedding in South Africa makes this energy independence a viable solution to combat the interruptions caused by loadshedding outages.

Our team prides themselves on being true solar energy specialists. Our solar energy systems are not only innovative and competitively prices but are designed to suit the unique needs of your business. If you are interested in having solar power set up for your commercial space, the team at CBA Group can assist.

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