CBA Energy Solutions for your Office

As leaders in office automation, we offer our clients assistance with establishing energy independence through solar power solutions. Our team of solar energy specialists can assist with setup for businesses of all sizes to further their efficiency, save them money and create a ‘greener’ environment.

CBA Group maintains partnerships with trusted brands to ensure the best solutions. If you are interested in implementing a renewable energy solution that is tailored to your business’s needs, please reach out to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

A photon is a basic unit that makes up all light; it is a bundle of electromagnetic energy. When photons strike a solar cell, they loosen electrons from their atoms. When we attach a conductor to a cell’s negative and positive sides, we create an electrical circuit that generates electricity when electrons pass through it, creating solar energy.

Solar panels (solar modules) consist of multiple solar cells. When many panels are wired up together, we create a solar array. The amount of electricity a solar panel can create is dependent on its size, the efficiency of the solar cells within the panel and the amount of light it is exposed to.

Solar power electricity systems, or photovoltaics (PV), do not need direct sunlight to work. This means that even on a cloudy day, they can still generate electricity for your energy needs.