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Document Archiving and Workflow

Whether small or large, many companies are facing a new reality that requires a flexible working environment for employees. With document management software, you can ensure the efficiency and productivity of your team does not suffer no matter where they are.

Although this form of management is seldom at the core of an organisation, employees still spend ample time managing and controlling documents. With our M-Files software, employees can better utilise their time and energy on core business processes.

M-Files lets you automate document management quickly and efficiently so that information starts working for you rather than vice versa. Future-proof your business by enabling secure access to essential documents and information through document management.

M-Files offers a better and hassle-free solution to secure important documents.

Access rights in M-Files are dynamic and based on metadata. Rights can be based on several criteria, like document type, project type, case, or workflow state. When changes occur within the organisation or workgroups, permissions can be configured to change automatically. This ensures that document management is efficient and that documents are always available to the correct individuals.

This system’s automated role-based user rights allow your IT department to focus on supporting the business rather than manually updating users’ access rights.

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Why Do You Need Document Management?


A practical document management system allows businesses to store data in an electronic format that is accessible from anywhere. This reduces paper usage and, in turn, reduces waste and printing costs.

With a proper document management system, employees will find documents quickly and efficiently, even across different systems and repositories. The organisation of these documents can also be done more efficiently.

Digitising this process can allow employees to keep track of document changes, see who has edited the content and easily roll back to an earlier version when necessary. Older document versions can also be stored.

Easily automate office work with workflows that support your business processes and let your employees focus on more value-adding tasks.

M-Files document management is metadata-driven, which means you no longer need to worry about where information is stored.

Protect Your Documents and Ensure Access

In any business, you need to ensure that the correct individuals have access to certain documents. Managing user and access rights in a traditional folder-based structure consumes resources, especially when there are structural changes within the organisation. Document management allows for receiving, tracking, and effectively managing all stored documents to improve security and access control over critical data.

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