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Even in this digital age, businesses still need to use at least one high-quality printer to perform daily tasks successfully. As a result of this need, we strive to provide print management software to suit small and large businesses to maintain their printers and efficiency properly.

The innovation surrounding modern printers allows them to do more than standard copying and printing. Nowadays, printers can scan and store documents to send directly to your desktop, connect to the internet, and do more tasks that provide ease and efficiency.

Our Products

PaperCut print management software is suited for organisations of all sizes in all sectors. This software provides an affordable solution for control over printing, copying, scanning and faxing processes in the workplace.


uniFLOW’s print management software offers a single modular system for printing, document scanning, device management and more. This system is easy to use and provides an all-in-one solution for support in all sized businesses.

Utilising these modern systems allows businesses in all sectors to save precious time and money whilst ensuring that their business grows and meets demands. At CBA Group, we understand the importance of maintaining your business success and assisting our clients in improving their productivity with managed print software.

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What is Print Management?

Maintaining a print infrastructure that encourages productivity and a happy working environment should be prioritised in all businesses. To do so, knowing vital statistics regarding printing costs is critical. This is where print management systems become a helpful tool. They help control workplace printers, how they are used, the accessories associated with the equipment, and successfully allocate printing costs.

Misinterpreted printing costs can be avoided with our printing management solution as estimates can be more precisely calculated, controlled, and realistically adjusted.

The Importance of Print Management

CBA Group has partnered with numerous international brands to bring our clients some of the best print management software on the market. This software can help your business control, manage and monitor your print environment. It will also lower costs and make your office processes more effective and your staff more productive.

These solutions ensure your business runs smoothly and assists your network in avoiding bottlenecks by keeping your WAN (wide area network) as efficient as possible. Print management allows for the control of print queues and helps IT improve printing reliability.

This improved flexibility is reflected in the reduced amount of time it takes to set up new printers and monitor the remaining printing stations, resulting in a happier and streamlined work environment for employees to enjoy.

We believe that effective printing systems should result in waste-free and easy daily processes. Furthermore, printed information is more secure and accessible with modern software solutions as internet innovation is incorporated into many modern printers.

Quick Tips for Saving on Printing Costs

Printing only when necessary, such as when a document cannot be utilised digitally, can help lower printing costs.

When printing documents for internal use, employees can utilise scrap paper for printing. Printing can also be done more sustainably by printing more information on one page.

Multifunction printers offer multiple benefits, such as cost savings, space-saving and increased workspace efficiency.

Manage business processes better with effective print management software. If you are interested in a streamlined printing infrastructure for your business and would like to save costs associated with printing, feel free to contact the experts at CBA Group for solutions to improve your business productivity.

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