Document archiving and workflow software

Are you feeling swamped by a tidal wave of documents? Does your business appear sluggish and unproductive? It’s probably time to shake up your office. Using workflow software that has proven itself in thousands of businesses, you too can make your office more efficient, cut down on expenses and free up your staff from tedious and unproductive admin.

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Document archiving and workflow software

Transform your office and give new energy to your company; CBA’s answer to document archiving is more than just about saving and archiving files. Our solutions will help your company secure and share information as and when required, and restrict access to this information if need be.

This innovative document archiving software is used by many of CBA’s large and small companies, with many satisfied business owners, directors and managers bearing testimony to the effectiveness of the software. Many companies are amazed at the increase in their staff productivity levels, and how the software has helped improve overall digital processes by reducing costs and time wasted sifting through hard copy folders. Documents are now available to view at a glance, change and print as and when required, regardless of the device you use.

What is workflow software

Workflow management software takes business processes and automates them as much as possible. It provides your business with a workflow infrastructure of tasks that have a defined sequence. When you automate processes, you free up critical human resource time, allowing staff to focus on their core jobs, making their time more productive and their jobs less stressful. This is effective for small and large businesses.

Workflow functionality allows your business to work smarter with processes that are custom built for their environment.

For cost effective document archiving solutions and high-end workflow software contact your office automation specialists at CBA.