Device Management Software

Efficiency in today’s business world is all about being more productive, cutting down on admin, and saving your staff from doing unnecessary work. With the PageScope Enterprise Suite, CBA is able to help administrators and IT specialists to streamline their work processes and achieve more in less time.

Using a range of device software, we can offer you an integrated device management solution designed to enhance the productivity of your business. Contact our specialists to find out more.

The Enterprise Suite consists of five individual software components and offers a comprehensive yet modular approach to the setup, control and management of users, in and output devices, and related network configurations.

Printer management software

Keeping control of more than one printer, never mind 100 , is never easy, but things have changed and it no longer needs to be a time consuming activity. Find out about our range of printer management software, which can help you easily manage a fleet of printers and other networked devices. Find out how much toner you need on which machine, and whose printing what and how much. This allows you to allocate expenses more accurately.

What is device management?

Device management uses specialist device control software, which can be linked to most of your equipment, allowing you to easily control and maintain your printers, monitor the usage, and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

We offer a range of PageScope software:

The PageScope My Panel Manager provides the individual creation of central user profiles, personalized address books and scan destinations.
The modules can be used in any combination. Contact us to find out more about our easy-to-use and affordable device management software solutions.