Cost recovery software

Even in today’s digital age, office printing can still cost businesses more than they would like to spend. Luckily, CBA has a range of cost recovery software, which is designed to save you money while allowing you better control over your printing expenses.

Contact your local IT experts at CBA; we have solutions to make your office more productive and a variety of cost saving initiatives. Enquire for more info from Cape Town’s office automation specialists.

Keep better track of your company’s expenses

Keep track of all your copying and printing expenses. If you’d like to know how much documentation your company spends on output, or which departments generate more volume, the CBA cost recovery software will do that and more.

Keep better control of your office printing expenses with our easy-to-use smart software. This software will enable your financial department to keep a better handle on cost output, as well as track and manage unnecessary printing jobs that are wasting your company’s time and money.

Cost saving ideas for your business

Talk to our experienced specialists at CBA who will use sophisticated software to help set up your business with solutions for your entire fleet of office copiers, printers, multifunction printers and other equipment. This allows you to see how many copies and prints each department makes in a day, week or month, and help you calculate and allocate your monthly printing expenses.

Saving paper in the office

Many businesses get caught up in their bad habits, and land up printing more than they need to, without realising it. Now, with the right cost recovery and/or papercut software, which is simple to set up and use, you can better control office expenses. This is achieved by generating regular reports and assessments, which will tell you at a glance how much you are spending. This allows for stricter control on printing, leading to an inevitable reduction in your printing expenses.

Benefits of cost recovery software:
  • Makes individual staff members and departments accountable for their use of office technology.
  • Reduces administrative expenses by passing on the relevant copying, printing, and faxing costs to the end-customer or relevant cost-centre.
  • Ideal for attorneys and architects who bill customers for case/project costs.
  • A simpler way to do assessment of cost recovery. All data activity can be imported into a spreadsheet and into a billing package.
Additional software

We also offer YSoft, Pcounter software and softlog software, both useful software packages designed to make office life more efficient and productive, while helping you cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Book an appointment with CBA to discuss what cost recovery software can do for your business.