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Leading bizhub Printers from Konica Minolta

CBA group has been partners with Konica Minolta since 1992 as a premier dealer in the Western Cape. We are one of the leading suppliers of high-quality bizhub printers and a well-known brand supplying office automation software and hardware throughout South Africa.

We are proud of our long association with Konica Minolta, whose logo expresses what they offer their customers. The sphere represents the earth, the blue expresses creativity and innovation. This accurately depicts the infinite expansion process of Konica Minolta and the innovative technology they allow us to offer you.

If you are interested in incorporating these leading machines in your workspace, feel free to contact the office automation specialists at CBA Group.

Why Choose bizhub Printers


Bizhub printers allow for one-touch copying and are generally easy to operate. The marked indicators give you all the information to make your life easier and more efficient, whether it’s complex or straightforward printing tasks.


To provide added convenience to office automation, some bizhub printers allow for add-ons to standard copiers for smart copying capabilities, such as allowing access to the internet.


Bizhub machines offer superb additional printer management features. Users can easily track usage, restrict actions, and use authentication protocols for document protection to stay productive while meeting security needs.


The range of bizhub printers from Konica Minolta strives for ongoing innovation to provide the best printing solutions in the nation. This innovation also extends to the software on existing solutions.


As a brand, Konica Minolta understands the importance of sustainability in the industry and, as a result, has an admirable environmental track record. They actively implement long term goals to maintain this.

More about bizhub Multifunction Printers

The ‘bizhub’ name was adopted as Konica Minolta’s new brand for office equipment in 2004 when they launched the bizhub C350. Years later, bizhub is a strong brand that offers high-quality, reliable printers to our customers. This includes a range of A3 and A4 mono and colour multifunctional devices.

Our 24-year relationship with the brand attests to the reliability of their machines, and the outstanding support they provide is experienced first-hand by our customers and us. In addition, their varied offerings are designed to complement all businesses, from SME’s to large corporates.

No matter what size your business is, talk to us, and we will recommend a printer suitable for your needs. If you are looking for the best small business printer on the market, we’ve got it. If you need to print high-resolution prints, we have one of the best colour laser multifunction printers ever created, designed for high-end use and producing outstanding results.

Your Trusted Name in Business Automation

When you are one of the most established brands in printing, you have a reputation to protect. That’s why we are proud to be working with Konica Minolta to bring you the best in office printers.  We aim to make your business more efficient, productive, and sustainable with cost-effective printing solutions.

When looking for bizhub printers to suit your office needs, stick with a trusted Konica Minolta supplier, CBA Group. We are confident of finding a solution to suit your production and budget requirements. Contact our specialists for more information.

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