Digital communication systems are fast replacing traditional phone networks in the work place. Businesses want clear communication with their staff and customers, and a bad phone connection can result in inefficiencies, as well as lost customers and revenue. That’s why more and more Cape Town businesses are embracing VoIP as the cost-effective solution. Crystal clear calls, increased productivity and huge cost savings are just some of the benefits. Find out more from our consultants.

What is VoIP? Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

CBA, one of the leading VoIP service providers in South Africa will help connect your business to your valued customers via an efficient and affordable VoIP system tailored to your company’s needs. Instead of a traditional phone service, we will connect you to your staff and customers via the web. This is achieved by turning analogue phone signals into digital signals that are easily transmitted over the internet, saving you time and money in the process.

Advantages of VoIP

Customers can stick to their traditional phone service and still connect via VoIP through CBA for certain communication functions.

Additional benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Cost savings: Less hardware; cheaper phone rates – especially long distance.
  • Flexibility & mobility: Integrate other software into your VoIP system. Use the same system from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.
  • Added functionality: Many additional features that lead to increased productivity
  • Low maintenance, simple troubleshooting: It’s software based so telephonic support is often enough to fix a problem.
  • Simple to user: Excellent user interface with intuitive controls making it simple to learn and use.
  • No geographical boundary
  • Rich media: Ability to use voice, fax and video services

From video conferencing to phone calls to staff and customers around the world, our VoIP phone services offer better quality and cheaper rates than traditional phone services.

Contact CBA today to switch from your traditional service to VOIP and take your company to the next level with a viable communication solution.