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Established in 1899, NEC has a rich history of creating innovative communication solutions. In the present day, this company continues to go from strength to strength and now boasts a cutting-edge selection of telecommunication systems designed to make businesses more efficient, more streamlined, and cheaper to operate.

CBA Group is proud to be a Gold NEC partner and has been in partnership with them since 2011. Together we have changed the way many companies in South Africa now communicate, and by installing a NEC PABX system at your business, we can do the same for you.

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Why Choose NEC?

Our working environment is in constant flux, with organisations of all types continuously looking for new ways of generating revenue, controlling costs, and optimising productivity. Communication technologies (voice, email, instant messaging, SMS, IP telephony, voicemail, video conferencing) and their underlying networks such as the Internet, broadband, Wi-Fi and 3G are also evolving, forcing companies to re-evaluate their information technology strategies.

The challenge facing businesses is to embrace and harness the potential benefits of these technologies. The result must be a complete communications strategy that is available and usable by everyone; it must empower individuals and teams, enabling them to achieve their business objectives.

NEC telecoms offer value-for-money systems, which can be tailored to your company’s unique requirements. The system is designed to help you do all of the above by boosting productivity, improving customer service and reducing telecommunication costs.

Powerful IP Phones and Handsets

Creating a ‘smart’ workforce is essential to your competitiveness and attracting and keeping talent in your organisation. In a recent global survey, ‘work flexibility’ was rated as the top employee benefit. With NEC SL2100 IP phones and handsets creating a smart workforce is easy.


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