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Print management software

Solutions to suit small & large businesses

Even in this digital age, all businesses still need at least one printer, the larger ones obviously more.The good news is that printers are used differently than they were in the past; nowadays they can scan, store documents and email them directly to your desktop.

This system is efficient and saves time and money. You can make it even more efficient with our managed print services software. Contact CBA for more information.

What is print management?

Businesses want their print infrastructure to encourage productivity and a happy working environment. They also need to know what their real printing costs are. That’s where print management systems come in, they help you control your printers, printing, print accessories and how to allocate your printing costs.

Printer software

CBA has partnered with numerous international brands to bring you some of the best print management software on the market. This software can help your business control, manage and monitor your print environment. It will also lower your costs and make your office more efficient and your staff more productive.

Print management solutions

Ensure your business runs smoothly, and your network avoids bottlenecks by keeping your WAN as efficient as possible. You can achieve this with a print management solution which will control print queues and help IT improve printing reliability. The improved flexibility and efficiency will be reflected in the reduced amount of time it now takes to set up new printers and monitor the rest.

How to save on printing costs

  • Print less: Don’t print unless it’s absolutely necessary; if you can scan and keep documents digital – do so.
  • Recycle: If it’s for internal use only, you can use scrap paper and print on the clean side. You can also cram more information onto one page, as long as it’s still readable.
  • Use a multifunction printer (MFP) instead of three machines. MFP’s offer you space saving, money saving and increased efficiency.

This can be easily achieved with efficient print management software. Contact CBA for all your print management solutions and make your business more productive.