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CBA Riso Printers

High-speed, high-volume printers

Riso is a well-known Japanese brand that has been producing printers since 1946. RISO means ‘ideal’ in Japanese and their printers are the ideal office printers for Cape Town businesses, especially those that require duplicator machines.

CBA is proud to partner with Riso, which has been in South Africa since 1991. Find out more about our Riso printers for sale.

Fast and reliable printers

When you need a high volume printer, one that can print huge runs in quick time, our Riso printers can do the job. From 90 to 180 pages per minute, we offer a range of high-speed printers designed to get a high volume of work down fast and efficiently. Not only are these printers workhorses of note, they are also reliable. This reliability is driven by two aspects: a cold printing process and a straight paper path.


In addition to speed and volume, these printers offer versatility of media; Riso duplicators can print on NCR paper, newsprint, high gram paper, bond paper, envelopes, brown paper bags, and business card media. The duplicators also come in A4 and A3 mono and colour models that produce a high image quality with durability and sustainability.

Best economical printer

Riso duplicator machines offer lower running costs and higher printing speeds, meaning you can reduce costs and increase productivity, making these printers way more economical than using photocopiers and regular printers.

Environment-friendly printing solutions

Riso may be an innovative technology company, but they also believe that technological advances need not go against nature. They have a continuing commitment to the earth’s sustainability and build all their products with this in mind. Riso doesn’t just sell printers, they sell printing solutions designed to suit your exact needs.

CBA has a similar attitude, believing in a holistic approach to office automation, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

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