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CBA Epson Printers

Trusted suppliers of Epson Wide Format printers throughout the Western Cape

There are numerous advantages to using a wide format printer, especially when you need to print high quality large scale advertisements, posters or other graphics.

Epson, being one of the most respected names in the printer sector, is CBA’s preferred wide format brand that we offer our customers. When you are looking for an Epson printer in Cape Town, whether you are a small business or a large corporate, contact our trusted team of office automation specialists.

Printing solutions for indoors and outdoors

Epson have a pigment range for indoor use and an eco-solvent range for outdoor use. The indoor all-purpose printers can handle line drawings right through to vibrant posters with photographic images. It supports a variety of media, from economical uncoated paper to rigid boards for presentation or architectural models. The versatility of the indoor range offers you optimal use, no matter what you need to print, and the speed and efficiency of these printers will increase your productivity. The good news is that Epson printer prices are far more affordable than you think.

Wide format compatibility

There are multiple medias that are compatible with the wide formats, these include canvas, glossy and bond to name a few. In addition, Epson’s Precision Core print-head technology offers an unbeatable blend of speed and accuracy, and the permanent print-head guarantees no hidden costs. If you are wandering where to buy Epson Printers, look no further than CBA for expert advice and high-quality products.

Epson multifunction printers (MFP)

An MFP makes office life more efficient and productive by allowing you to easily share documents using either ‘scan-to-folder’ or ‘scan-to-email’. They are also able to copy plans via an on-board scanner and print directly to the MFP wide format version.

The array of devices on offer deliver a low ink consumption and multiple cost reduction features. Epson’s wide format printers allow printing only when the size matches the paper size option, and will rotate the image if necessary to reduce as much wasted material as possible.

Propel your business to the next level with CBA, one of South Africa’s leading Epson printer suppliers. Contact us for more information or to speak to one of our specialists.

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