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CBA Printing Brands

Despite the rapid growth of digital marketing, printers still play a major role in all offices, both big and small. While your printing needs may have changed, all businesses still need a printer. At CBA we understand this, and as Cape Town’s office automation specialists, we have made it our mission to become one of the leading printer suppliers in Cape Town.

We pride ourselves on providing affordable and practical printing solutions to all our customers, making sure you get value-for-money equipment, backed by outstanding personal service and technical support. Contact us for more information.

Digital solutions for large and small businesses

At CBA, we offer complete digital and telecoms solutions for large and small businesses. We have achieved this by partnering with leading international brands. Because we understand our customers, we are able to offer versatile office automation solutions that meet the objectives of your business.

Multifunction printers for sale

We supply A4 and A3 colour and mono multifunctional devices, designed to provide versatility and functionality for all office environments: our multifunction printers can print, copy, scan and fax, all from one machine. Superior quality is the name of the game, and we take pride in offering you just that. We also supply some of the best multifunction laser printers for office use, guaranteed to provide you with fast, high-quality results.